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Best Vaznev-9K Loadout for Warzone Season 6

As we venture further into Warzone Season 6, the Vaznev-9K still continues to prove itself as an unexpectedly versatile weapon. This submachine gun stands out with its high rate of fire, making it effective at taking down enemies swiftly in close-range engagements.

Designed to turn the Vaznev-9K into a hybrid between an SMG and an Assault Rifle, this guide offers the best loadout for those who enjoy fast-paced, close-range engagements but also want to remain competitive in the mid-range.

With these attachments, we will buff bullet velocity, damage range, movement and ADS speed, all whilst controlling the recoil pattern. With our loadout, you’ll find the Vaznev-9K to be a formidable tool in your Warzone arsenal.

Best Warzone Season 6 Vaznev-9K Loadout

The best Vaznev-9K loadout for Warzone Season 6:

  • Barrel: SA Response III
    • +0.36lb (Recoil Steadiness)
    • -0.25in (Aim Down Site Speed)
  • Rear Grip: True-TAC Grip
    • +0.80oz (Recoil Steadiness)
    • -0.45in (Sprint to Fire Speed)
  • Stock: Otrezat Stock
    • -4.00oz (Aim Down Sight Speed)
    • +1.80in (Aiming Idle Stability)
  • Muzzle: XTEN BR-40
    • +0.34in (Bullet Velocity)
    • +0.48oz (Recoil Smoothness)
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag
Vaznev-9K Loadout Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded Gunsmith

What Does Each Attachment Do For The Vaznev-9K in Warzone?

To kick off, the SA Response III barrel serves as a significant enhancement to the Vaznev-9K’s damage range and bullet velocity. Additionally, it significantly improves recoil control.

The True-TAC Grip and Otrezat Stock are crucial attachments to improve the weapon’s mobility. They boost your sprint, ADS, aim walking and sprint-to-fire speed. Enhancing manoeuvrability during close-quarter combat.

The XTEN BR-40 muzzle is a valuable attachment for multiple reasons. It smooths recoil whilst also extending damage range and bullet velocity. The added benefit of this muzzle attachment is its sound suppression, keeping you off the enemy radar.

Lastly, the 45 Round Mag increases your ammunition capacity. The larger magazine ensures you can engage multiple enemies or deliver sustained fire without pausing to reload.

This guide offers the best loadout for the Vaznev-9K, transforming it into a hybrid powerhouse effective in a variety of combat scenarios. With this loadout, you’ll be well-prepared to dominate the fast-paced world of Warzone.

The Vaznev-9K is best coupled with an assault rifle for mid to long-range coverage. Check out our choice here.

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