Call of Duty Warzone TAQ-M

Best TAQ-M Loadout for Warzone Season 6

The TAQ-M Marksman Rifle is carving out its place in the Warzone Season 6 meta. It is becoming an undeniable asset on long-range maps. Yet, in its base form, it leaves much to be desired.

Our loadout transforms the TAQ-M into a solid mid to long-range weapon. We’re aiming to enhance bullet velocity, range, and recoil control, ensuring you down your enemies before they know what’s hit them in Warzone.

Best Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone TAQ-M Loadout

The optimal TAQ-M loadout in Warzone is:

  • Barrel: LR1:7 20.5″ Barrel
  • Ammunition: 6.5mm High Velocity
  • Underbarrel: EDGE-47 Grip
  • Optic: Schlager 3.4x
  • Magazine: 20 Round Mag
Call of Duty Warzone TAQ-M

What Does Each Attachment Do For The TAQ-M in Warzone Season 6?

Together the LR1:7 20.5″ Barrel and 6.5mm High Velocity ammunition enhance damage range and significantly boost bullet velocity; ensuring the TAQ-M becomes even more potent in long-range encounters. With these attachments, you will spend much less time accounting for bullet drop and leading targets, making every shot count.

The EDGE-47 Grip underbarrel attachment grants the TAQ-M superior aiming idle stability and recoil stabilisation. While it slightly compromises the aim down sight speed, the trade-off is worth the increased accuracy.

While optics often hinge on personal taste, the Schlager 3.4x optic stands out in our build. It offers players great magnification, ensuring targets remain clear and easily identifiable from a distance. With a base magazine of just 10 rounds, the 20-Round Mag ensures players remain in the fight longer, minimising the need for constant reloads amidst high-pressure situations.

The TAQ-M may not be the undisputed champion of Marksman Rifles out of the box. Yet, with the right adjustments, it’s a potent mid to long-range weapon in Warzone Season 6. Given its strengths and the ability to excel on the vast expanses of Al Mazrah, the TAQ-M is a weapon well worth testing out.

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