Rapp H Loadout Warzone

Best RAPP H Loadout for Warzone Season 6

Warzone Season 6 is here, and the RAPP H remains a formidable LMG with the right loadout. Recent balance changes have upped its semi-auto damage while slightly reducing its rate of fire. Despite the tweaks, this weapon maintains solid base stats, making it a top choice in Warzone.

This guide will provide you with the ultimate RAPP H loadout for medium to long-range combat. LMGs are often overlooked in favour of other weapon types. Unlock the RAPP H’s full potential in Warzone and decimate opponents before they even know what hit them.

Best Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone RAPP H Loadout

The best Warzone Season 6 RAPP H loadout is:

  • Muzzle: Sakin Tread 40
    • +0.61oz Recoil Stabilization
    • +0.15in Recoil Control
  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10
    • +0.54oz Recoil Steadiness
    • +0.14in Aiming Idle Stability
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
    • -0.06oz Sprint to Fire Speed
    • -13.26ft Aim Down Sight Speed
  • Optic: Aim OP-V4
    • -1.26oz Aim Down Site Speed
    • -1.65in Far
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High Velocity
    • +0.28g Damage Range
    • +6.30gr Bullet Velocity
Rapp H Loadout Warzone Attachments and tuning

What Does Each Attachment Do For The RAPP H in Warzone?

The Sakin Tread 40 muzzle significantly enhances both vertical and horizontal recoil control. Combining this with the Lachmann TCG-10 rear grip adds another level of recoil steadiness and improves aiming idle stability, helping you land your shots in heated gunfights.

The FSS OLE-V Laser, improves sprint-to-fire speed, aim-down-sight (ADS) speed and aiming stability, giving you a faster response time when ambushed by enemies. The Aim OP-V4 optic is highly versatile and excellent for medium to long-range engagements.

Adding the 7.62 High-Velocity ammunition gives a significant boost to bullet velocity, making it much easier to hit moving targets and increasing the gun’s effectiveness over longer distances.

The RAPP H is an LMG that shouldn’t be overlooked in Warzone Season 6. This loadout enhances the weapon’s already impressive stats, providing additional recoil control, handling and bullet velocity. The result is a weapon that can dominate in medium to long-range gunfights, offering you a vital edge in Warzone.

We recommend using the RAPP H with a submachine gun or shotgun; you can check out our meta-tier list here.