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Best Medium Build in The Finals

The Medium contestant in The Finals gives players an all-around balanced playstyle; however, the best loadout is key.

As The Finals concerns fighting amongst multiple squads of 3, having the optimal choices for weapons and gadgets will give players the upper hand in matches. The following is the best loadout for those who want to master their skills in the Medium contestant for the game.

The Finals Medium Build
Medium Contestant Build, In-game screenshot

Best Medium Contestant Build in The Finals

Players who want to experience a support role but give out good damage output in a balanced setting can rely on this Medium build. The following choices are the best for a Medium contestant loadout:

  • Specialization: Healing Beam
    • As the Medium contestant concerns themself with being a support for the team, the healing beam is a necessity. The beam, when attached to a teammate, slowly allows that player to recover lost health points.
  • Weapon: R.357
    • The R.357 is a high-power revolver. Although using a revolver as a main weapon may seem odd, landing concise hits racks up the damage on an enemy quickly and can be faster at dispatching foes than a rifle or shotgun.
  • Gadgets: Frag Greande, Jump Pad, Defibrillator
    • As the Medium build concerns balance and support, having three different gadget types is a great mixture. The frag grenade works for dealing damage, the jump pad helps Medium contestants with movement, especially when reaching vaults or cashouts, and the defibrillator is key to reviving teammates instantly.


  • Weapon: AKM
    • The AKM is the ultimate balanced weapon, especially concerning assault rifles. It covers all range bases in combat, including the trifecta of having excellent damage, rate of fire, and reload time.
  • Gadgets: Gas Mine, Goo Grenade, Sonar Grenade
    • Equipping the gas mine and placing it near the banking point helps to control the area easier for your team. Using that in unison with the Goo Grenade to block entrances is a fantastic defense combo. Lastly, the Sonar Grenade helps identify enemy locations through walls; placing that in your defense area allows your team to be protected and aware of enemy locations.
The Finals R.357
R.357, In-game screenshot

This is the best loadout for those wanting to use the Medium contestant and have solid results. Players looking to learn more about The Finals should check out our Game Guide Hub here.