Lockwood MK2 Warzone Loadout

Best Lockwood MK2 Loadout for Warzone Season 6

The Lockwood MK2 is emerging as a dark horse in the huge arsenal of weapons in Warzone Season 6. Although frequently overlooked and underappreciated in Warzone, those in the know understand its potential. To truly harness its power, it’s essential to equip it with the right attachments.

This loadout will help the Lockwood MK2 dominate in mid to long-range engagements. We increase the mid-range performance by boosting mobility, then we bolster bullet velocity and recoil control for those crucial long-range skirmishes.

Best Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone Lockwood MK2 Loadout

The best Lockwood MK2 loadout in Warzone is:

  • Barrel: 25″ Buffalo Barrel
  • Muzzle: FTAC Dreadnought
  • Ammunition: .45 GVT High Velocity
  • Laser: Accu-Shot 5MW Laser
  • Optic: SZ Holotherm
Lockwood MK2 Warzone Loadout

What Does Each Attachment Do For The Lockwood MK2 in Warzone Season 6?

The 25″ Buffalo Barrel boosts the Lockwood MK2’s bullet velocity and damage range, making it far more effective at mid to long ranges. This attachment also provides an always welcomed buff to movement speed.

The FTAC Dreadnought Muzzle increases bullet velocity and gives the Lockwood MK2 a smoother recoil pattern. Additionally, it offers sound suppression, keeping you off enemy radars. The .45 GVT High-Velocity Ammunition further elevates the bullet velocity, ensuring enemies have less time to dodge or react.

The Accu-Shot 5MW Laser is vital for swift target acquisition, and amplifies the ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed, aim stability, and sprint-to-fire speed; an absolute necessity for unexpected engagements. Lastly, long-range engagements demand a clear line of sight, and the SZ Holotherm Optic delivers with ample magnification and the ability to highlight enemies; ensuring they remain distinctly visible even at extended ranges.

The Lockwood MK2’s untapped potential is vast. Through this loadout, we’ve bolstered its strengths, making it a top-tier choice for those seeking a blend of mid-range mobility and long-range precision. Seasoned players venturing into the vast landscapes of Warzone would do well to consider testing out the Lockwood MK2.

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