The Finals Character

Best Light Build in The Finals

The Light contestant in The Finals is perfect for those who prefer to move and lay down damage fast, especially if you use the right build.

The Finals sees teams of 3 facing off against each other to collect cash, bank it, and win the match. However, each team is armed and willing to defend their loot. In a game where cash and weapons are key, the best loadout will give players the edge. Below, we explain the best Light contestant build to use.

The Finals Light Buildup
Light Contestant Build, In-game screenshot

Best Light Contestant Build in The Finals

The best Light build focuses on improving movement, and dealing damage fast. Here is what you should equip if you’re playing as a Light contestant:

  • Specialization: Grappling Hook
    • Many times, banking your team’s money or finding the vault is located high up on buildings. Therefore, having the grappling hook is key to reaching these places faster or even to get the flank on enemy squads.
  • Weapon: XP-54
    • The XP-54 is the best weapon choice as it provides solid damage with a steady amount of recoil.
  • Gadgets: Flashbang, Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade
    • As movement is the Light contestant’s primary focus, having flashbangs and smoke grenades helps to blind the enemy and get the upper hand, giving the player the best opportunity to get around the enemy team. The breaching charge allows for one lethal choice and helps break into areas being held by other squads.


  • Weapon: V9S
    • The V9S pistol is an optimal reserve choice as it has a high damage output with a fast rate of fire and reload speed. A great all-rounder for Light contestants.
  • Gadgets: Goo Grenade, Frag Grenade, Pyro Grenade
    • Regarding reserve gadgets, the Goo Grenade is key for helping to defend banking your cash as you can block entrances and sight lines with it. Also having both frag and pyro grenades gives your loadout that extra lethality with it.
The Finals XP-54
XP-54, In-game screenshot

That is the best loadout for players wanting to specialize in the Light contestant build. Those wanting to know more about The Finals can check out our Game Guide Hub here.