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Best Heavy Build in The Finals

Players wanting to assume the role of a tank in The Finals should play as a Heavy contestant. Of course, if you are, you’ll need the best build.

The Heavy contestant revolves around players being the demolitionist and defense of the squad. The weapons and tools of this class concern themselves with area defense and causing the most destruction they can, upending the other teams. The following are the best loadout choices for those wanting to play as the Heavy contestant.

The Finals Heavy Build
Heavy Contestant Build, In-game screenshot

Best Heavy build loadout in The Finals

The best Heavy contestant build prioritizes soaking up damage and bridging the gap between you and the enemy. Below is the best loadout for Heavy contestants:

  • Specialization: Mesh Shield
    • The Mesh Shield projects a frontal shield that can be shot through by you and your squadmates. As many gameplay elements concern defending points while banking money, the shield is the go-to solution for Heavy contestants. The specialization provides the best way to secure a point while keeping survivability.
  • Weapon: M60
    • The M60 is a masterclass in LMGs; it has a manageable recoil pattern with a good damage output and a large magazine size. Although it is slower to reload, it works to keep fire on your opponents.
  • Gadgets: Pyro Grenade, RPG-7, Barricade
    • The Pyro Grenade and RPG-7 are the top choices for lethal gadgets within the Heavy class. The grenade deals with burning area-of-effect damage and works best on holding a point. The RPG-7 is good for those wanting to deal massive damage to multiple opponents or reshape the combat area with a highly explosive weapon. The Barricade is the third must-have for holding down the objective, as Heavy players can set it up in a doorway or overlooking an area and unload on other teams.


  • Weapon: Sledgehammer
    • The Sledgehammer, while being a heavy damage melee weapon, is a hidden underdog in The Finals. The weapon is good for players who want to get up in their opponent’s faces. While slow swinging, its incredibly high damage can put enemies down quickly. It also has the bonus of causing destruction to the arena and reshaping areas where teams may be defending.
  • Gadgets: Goo Grenade, Flashbang, Frag Grenade
    • Having the Goo Grenade in your reserves is worth it to utilize another defense gadget. Additionally, the Flashbang and Frag Grenades is a good balance to have for Heavy contestants.
The Finals Heavy Build
M60, In-game screenshot

That is the best loadout for players wanting to be the Heavy contestant in The Finals. Those wanting to know more about the game can check out our Game Guide Hub here.