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Become A Bartender in Another Bar Game Demo, Pouring in March

Arik Games is pleased to announce that a demo for their second game, Another Bar Game, is releasing next week.

Dude, Where Is My Beer?, the hit old-school point-and-click adventure game, is Arik Games’ first game, which won countless awards. Most notably, the Nordic Game Discovery Contest. Furthermore, the game also features a “Very Positive” review score on Steam, and it was one of The Game Crater’s favourite indie games of 2020.

Following on from the previous success, Arik games has now revealed a demo for their second game. Another Bar Game features a similar constant to their previous game in the form of beer. However, this time, it puts you behind the bar, instead of searching for a prized pilsner.

Another Bar Game Game Screenshot 2
Image Credit – Arik Games

What is Another Bar Game?

Another Bar Game is a casual action game where you serve craft beer to thirsty bar guests. Your goal is to become the most popular bartender in town, by washing glasses, cleaning tables and keeping everybody happy. Although, keeping your customers content might not be the easiest task.

There are plenty of beers that patrons can order from weird pineapple milkshake sours to the classic pilsner. Fortunately, if in doubt, you can just serve them popcorn, as that makes improves everyone’s happiness.

Another Bar Game Game Screenshot
Image Credit – Arik Games

Demo Release Date

The Another Bar Game demo releases on March 1, 2023, via Steam. Here is everything you can expect:

  • 30 minutes of gameplay for Windows and macOS
  • Possibility to upgrade skills
  • Possibility to choose among several craft beer types
  • 2 bars (a dive bar and a sports bar) and 6 levels
  • City map
  • Support for gamepad
  • English, Spanish and Russian language

Another Bar Game will release on PC via Steam sometime in late 2023. However, you can play the demo at the end of the week on March 1st.


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