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Anger Foot: High-Speed Bass-Boosting Insanity – Demo Preview

Anger Foot is a fast, hard-hitting, brutal, run and gun game, released as a 7DFPS entry by Robbie Fraser, Luc Wolthers, Jem Smith and Jason Sutherland. I first played the game a little over a year ago when it took no more than ten minutes to beat. While it was quite short, I enjoyed my time, and I could only pray that the game would grow past just five simple levels. Fortunately, the developers have listened and created, arguably, the best free game on the market.

Anger Foot 0.8 Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

“There are a few different weapons that you can steal from the bodies of your enemy.”

Anger Foot is incredibly straightforward. You charge through levels at a blistering pace while a hard rhythmic bassline rumbles in the background. Moreover, you possess a powerful (angry) kick that decimates all doors and enemies. Guns are also available, so if you’re an FPS (First-Person Shooter) fan, then your skills will more than likely transfer over.

The enemies will also shoot back at you, and their aim, at times, will probably be better than yours. Previously, there was one gun, a pistol, with limited ammo that you could throw at the enemy when the clip was empty. Now, there are a few different weapons that you can steal from the bodies of your enemy. Shotguns and submachine guns are now among the mix of firearms and add a nice amount of variety. Submachine guns allow you to shoot a barrage of bullets into rooms without really aiming, which comes in handy when there are way too many enemies to count. However, you will most likely use up all your ammo in a pinch. Shotguns can be a little inaccurate over long distances, but they provide much-needed aim leniency up close.

Anger Foot 0.8 Screenshot of Map
In-game Screenshot

“Anger Foot has a hard-hitting pulsating bass that compels you to move quickly.”

One year ago, Anger Foot featured a unique level design with basic enemies and limited speedrun replayability. Now, there is so much more. At the time of this post, there are currently 21 levels spread across seven different areas. These levels are based on two themes: an apartment and the sewers. Each level is filled with doors, doors and more doors. Some doors are the correct door, and some doors will lead to nowhere, possibly leading to your demise. There are even doors that lead you to levers to open more doors. Fortunately, no matter how many times you play them, they never get old, and no two levels ever feel the same.

There are also different shoes that you can unlock from completing specific challenges; These range from smashing down doors to even completing multiple levels in under 45 seconds. Shoes give you benefits when you wear them, like regaining ammo and turning doors into bombs, which is obviously the best shoe choice.

Anger Foot 0.8 Screenshot
In-game Screenshot

“In just over a year, Anger Foot has seen countless updates and has changed entirely.”

Anger Foot has a hard-hitting pulsating bass that compels you to move quickly. Challenges also reward you for completing levels at pace. It’s absolutely exhilarating charging through levels, kicking left, right and centre. While this can be frustrating, as you will die a lot, the dopamine hit after finishing a level is definitely worth it.

In just over a year, Anger Foot has received countless updates and has changed entirely. The game is vastly different from when it was first released, and its simple yet addictive gameplay makes it one of the best free games you can play right now. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

Anger Foot is currently free on However, you can donate to the developers if you want to support them.


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