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All Achievements & Trophies in Jusant

Jusant contains unique achievements and trophies to earn as you ascend the mountain; hunters of both can look forward to plenty to earn.

Players have been searching for either achievements or trophies (with the coveted platinum being the ultimate goal) in many games. Here is what players must accomplish to collect every achievement in Jusant.

The following trophies may contain spoilers for Jusant

Every achievement in Jusant

Ballast (Platinum Trophy)Earn all trophies trophies in Jusant to unlock Platinum.
Avid readerRead all letters.
Final ascentRead all of Bianca’s journal entries.
Sound archeologistListen to all shells.
Cycle celebrationTurn all altars.
Antique gallery managerActivate all frescos.
Common groundComplete all cairns.
First contactRead a letter.
Back in motionTurn an altar.
An ear to the pastListen to a shell.
First stoneComplete a cairn.
Echo from the pastActivate a fresco.
Water piperComplete the game.
Angel’s carabinerPlace a piton at the top of a wall run.
AcrobatComplete more than 200 jumps or double jumps in one game.
BogeychocoScare more than 10 chocos back to their burrow.
Fresh airRestore your stamina more than 50 times while climbing.
Adventure buddiesHug the ballast.
Restored connectionHug the ballast 20 times.
Collective climbStop 25 pebbles with a single echo from the ballast.
Awakened memoryUse the echo on a frozen ballast in Chapter 6.
A faint glimmerWarm up the ballast in chapter 6.
Jusant Climb
In-game screenshot

The latter is all of the trophies and achievements available within Jusant. Look at our Game Guide Hub here for more information on the game.


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